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Our electronic devices are
leaving a trail of destruction

There are two grams of tin in a smartphone. Not much? It could be, if you consider that 998 million smartphones were sold last year.

A large portion of this tin is mined on Bangka, Indonesia. This has a huge impact on the inhabitants, mostly families of farmers and fishers.

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Bo travelled to Bangka to see it with her own eyes. "It's not supposed to be like this!"

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There is also tin inside the seabed. Bo witnesses the effects of that being extracted.

Come back later for part 3

In part three Bo digs for tin herself, in a small mine with makeshift tools.

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There is another way

We don’t need to destroy tropical islands and violate human rights to make well-functioning smartphones. Manufacturers, tin companies and governments have the ability to make tin mining responsible and sustainable.

Tin companies

must restore the land they use for tin mining and stay away from coral reefs


must pay a fair price for responsibly mined tin used in their electronics products

The government

must require manufacturers to take responsibility for their tin

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Microsoft has been invited several times to coöperate with an initiative for responsible tin mining. Still Microsoft has not answered with a yes. Therefor now is the time to increase the pressure and call on Microsoft publicly to no longer choose the side of destructive tin mining, but to coöperate on a sustainable, fair alternative.

We, the users of smartphones, laptops, and other devices, want electronics companies to use only responsibly mined tin from Bangka.

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